3 steps to become a wise shopper

When was the last time you check your closet and find out there are a bunch of stuff you have not worn for ages? For me, it is many times. Why did this happen? Because I was not a wise shopper. I learned a few tricks to make this happen, especially now that sales season... Continue Reading →

Class Participation

What is class participation? Mainly it is your contribution to the success to each and every single class you go to, in simple words :speak up in class. Here at IE Business School, we are highly motivated to participate. In a way, you are forced to raise your voice since class participation can weigh as... Continue Reading →

Wine or Medicine?

So I thought I will never have to think for  a second what to take between wine  and coughing syrup. It should be syrup.  In fact whenever my sister, my brother my roommates got sick, I bought them coughing syrup. I did not know there was a better and faster solution. Last week I have... Continue Reading →

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