4 cosmetic items to rock summer

Summer is the most exciting season as I imagine the sunshine on the beach, the summer dresses and dammit, the tan. Good news is, summer is approaching. To keep myself glowing, cheerful and beautiful, here are my 4 must have items for summer:

1. Sunscreen

A lot of us still think, you only need sunscreen when you have a lot of sun exposure. That’s not what I think. I learn that sunscreen keep our skin hydrated and prevent it from aging.  Therefore, I wear it all the time during the day instead of any facial lotion. If it takes like ages to decide on what facial lotion to use, you can’t go wrong with sunscreen. Plus, it is very affordable. My favorite is Hawaii because it makes me smell like (inviting) coconut.

Hawaii sunscreen
Hawaii sunscreen

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil will come in multiple benefits. I use it as makeup remover – works like magic.

It can also be used as mascara. Curl up your lashes and put on some coconut oil, it keeps your lashes curl and natural all day long. It is so effortless to wash them off too.

Mix a bit of coconut oil into your washing gel, your skin will be smoother and stronger.


3. Blush

Cosmetics company don’t want to target me because I am a minimalist when it comes to makeup. I use blush to add on extra glowing to my cheek just to I look more cheerful. My current favorite Manila Baked blush, very affordable, $7-9.

Milani baked blush
Milani baked blush

4. Dior addict lip glow

I would dump all of my lipstick for this babe. It works its magic with the lips to protect it while moisturizing it. My lips have a special shade and shine all day long.




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