My 10 euro fashion statement

How do you want to look?

Sexy? Classy? Or luxury?

Like I said in my other blog about shopping, I make negative twelve hundreds per month, therefore when it comes to fashion; it is not in my interest to spend big bills. Recently I discover that it is totally possible to dress up nicely with a budget of 10 euros (since I am in Europe). When I have to have lunch at school, a sandwich is about 3-4 euros or 6-7 in a nice place – just so you can compare! 🙂

Of course I am not talking about any kind of styles. My formula is: Simple or sporty or sexy or at best: a little bit of all. At H&M (regular collection) or Stradavarius, you can find an outfit for 10 or even less. Tank top starts at price of 2.99 euros and pencil skirt starts at price of 4.95 euros.

My philosophy is you wear fashion, fashion does not wear you. Embrace your body type and choose whatever suits you best. You will look good as long as you feel confident from the inside and comfortable with what you wear.

This is what I wear today:


Guess how much I paid for this look? Skirt 4.95 + Crop top 4.95

Guess how I feel: Like a million bucks.

A couple of other pairs

Shirt 2.99 Euros Skirt 5.99 Euros


Shirt 2.99 euros Skirt 7 euros

Good luck!

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